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UNESCO ranks Mansoura University in the second ranking of the international publication rate

UNESCO ranked the University of Mansoura and the University of Kafr El-Sheikh in second place at the level of the Egyptian governmental Universities with a rate of 0.24 per researcher according to the calculation of the international publishing rate according to the definition of researchers, while the University of Beni Suef ranked first among the public universities with an international publishing rate of 0.26 per researcher and then Cairo University In the third level of 0.23 per researcher.
While the Center for Research and Development of Metals ranked first among the research centers with an international publishing rate of 0.73 for each researcher, the highest rate published in Egypt, then the city of scientific research and technological applications with a rate of 0.67 per researcher and then came in third place Petroleum Research Institute at an international publishing rate of 0.56 per researcher
The international publishing rate has been calculated according to the definition of researchers by UNESCO and the OECD and the number of international research according to the Scopus international database.

A charity sports festival by international students to support the university children's hospital

International students' administration and international students' club organized a sports festival with Malaysian students, followed by a charity exhibition for the children's hospital in the presence of Dr. Ahmed Rifai, director of the University Children's Hospital, who played with his team and Dr. Nisreen Salah Omar, Vice-Dean for Community Service and Environmental Development), Dr. Hossam El-Din Mostafa, (General Supervisor of the international students' administration) and Mrs. Sahar Mohammed Al-Iraqi (Director of the international students' administration). And with the participation of about 1000 students from four universities (Cairo - Alexandria - Mansoura - Tanta) on Thursday, April 6 and Friday, April 7, and followed by a match between the team of children's hospital vs international students' team to send the message of the need for community participation for supporting University hospitals, especially those that treat children.

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