The First Scientific Conference of Research and Innovations of International Students at Mansoura University

The aim of the conference is to prepare an innovative generation capable of taking responsibility for raising and serving the different countries of the international students and strengthening the links between the international students and the members of the teaching staff, employees and their friends of Egyptian students, as well as bridging the links between them and Enabling them to be able to think and qualify them to assume duties and responsibilities towards their homelands. The conference includes more than 70 research and innovation in various fields in the medical field, engineering field, computer and information, science, public field.
Prof/ Hosam El Din Mostafa, the conference coordinator and the general supervisor of the international students, explained the role of the international administration in providing full support to international students in all fields, as well as supporting cooperation and communication between Mansoura University and all concerned authorities from embassies, cultural attachés and academic institutions worldwide.
Dr/ Hwaida Ismail Hussein, Head of the Cultural Affairs and Missions Department at the Ministry of Higher Education, expressed her happiness at being present at Mansoura University. She conveyed the greetings of Prof/ Ashraf Al Shehhi, Minister of Higher Education, adding that this conference was held at Mansoura University reflected the pionnering role of Mansoura University in providing outstanding ideas concerning international students . The guests of Egypt as their second homeland.

Prof/ Hasan Ali Etman, President of the Conference, the late Vice-President of Mansoura University and Scientific Advisor to the President of Mansoura University, noted that Mansoura University has hosted more than 5,000 international students in the levels of undergraduate and postgraduate studies. That why Mansoura University exerts no efforts to provide all facitities for them to be able to face the challenges of working life when they finish their study, which is already achieved today through the research and innovations provided by these students and carried out in the centers of the university research and laboratories and Prof/ Ashraf Swailm Vice-President of Mansoura University for Graduate Studies and Research noted that work and study in a foreign country is difficult, but the situation is different in Egypt generally and in Mansoura in particular.

The first scientific conference of the research and innovation of international students in Egyptian universities was concluded under the patronage of Prof/ Mohamed Hasan El-Kenawy, President of Mansoura University
The Higher Committee which organized the conference chaired by Prof/ Hasan Atman, ,Scientific and Technological advisor for the President of Mansoura University, Prof/ Hosam El-Din Mostafa, General Supervisor of international students, Mrs/ Sahar Mohamed El-Iraqy, Director of the Department and Prof/ Mohamed Sherif El-Qassas, Chairman of the judgment Committee, honoring the winners of researches, innovations and inventions in the fields of science, engineering and computers, innovations and inventions and the winner of distinguished researches were Dr. Hassan Yahya Mohammed - Yemen, Mohammed Adnan Mohammed – Iraq and Samira Na Zubair- Nigeria
And the winning researches in the general field; First place Iraqi researcher, Asmaa Khalaf Mdulul, Second place researcher, Sultan bin Jumaa Al Farsi - Oman sharing with Researcher Haidar Hassan Farhat - Libya, third place researcher Sobhi Saeed Ali Al-Qubati - Yemen, winning research in the medical field; Mohammed Sulaiman Al-Ta'ani - Syria, first place repeated - Zubero Saleh Mousi - Nigeria, third place - Ola Ahmed Mohamed Ali - Syria
Winning research in the field of science; First place - Ilham Mohamed Hamid Al Farhan - Iraq, second place - Abdul Rahman Mohammed Ibrahim - Yemen, third place - Ammar Nasser Hamral - Yemen
The winning researches in the field of engineering and computers; First place - Mohamed Adel Mohamed - Iraq, second place - Shaaban Mohamed Yunus - Iraq, third place - Haidar Hassan Alwan - Iraq,
The winning researches in the field of innovations and inventions, Science Club of Minia University, Science Club at Helwan University as The Supreme Organizing Committee of the Conference announced the final recommendations of the conference, namely, the convening of the conference in April of each year, to communicate with all universities to prepare to participate effectively in the next conference and the possibility of selecting the distinguished researches as well as marketing applied researches presented at the current conference to achieve its practical benefit.
Coordinating with the University Research Marketing Center at Mansoura University in collaboration with the research models presented at the conference, having a database of the winning research and the participating researchers which can be consulted to facilitate communication with them, Examinig the development of the idea to become international with the participation of Arab, Islamic, European and the Nile Basin countries, a scientific study work in order to increase the participants effectively and how to stimulate the idea of scientific research among researchers, activate integration between the Egyptian students and international students to do common research with scientific value, doing seminars and workshops in order to motivate students and to encourage the spirit of scientific research for them to have innovations and research aimed at their community service and their homeland, publish conference research and all related in a special scientific magazine of Mansoura University .


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