A word of general supervisor of ISA

A word of
Prof. Hossam El-Din Mostafa
General Supervisor of The International Students' Administration
The administration of Mansoura University was keen to integrate the international students into the university community. The International Students' Administration by its various sectors of the International Students' Club and the International Nursery worked to adopt this strategy through organizing the Third Peoples' Day at Mansoura University and many other objective activities and adopting a number of targeted student initiatives, such as charitable exhibitions, and support university hospitals, especially the University Children's Hospital
As well as having visits of various embassies to follow up the conditions of students studying at Mansoura University
The good relations that bind us with our brothers and our The International Students oblige us not to spare any effort in caring for them in their second homeland Egypt and their home Mansoura University.
We consider the provision of all forms of care in all respects to be essential. Therefore, the university is keen to provide them with the necessary health care throughout their stay through the University Students' Hospital and all the medical centers in the university. The University also offers a purposeful tourist tourism program supported by the University, by organizing trips to all parts of the Arab Republic of Egypt to introduce the Egyptian civilization and culture of Egypt as well as organizing various sports' activities and take advantage of the potential of the Olympic Village in the university in the morning and evening, and through sports tournaments and competitions between different nationalities and provide the winners and awards for the winners, and organizing of sports events between university students and other universities to create more interaction and integration among international students' in various universities in this concern we issue IDs membership of The International Students' Club for students to enjoy with different activities in the club as well as the Olympic Village and the Nile Club in Mansoura University.
We also ensure the stability of international students in suitable housing. We are working to provide this housing with a decent standard for housing and accommodation for short or long time using all available university facilities. Currently, two buildings are being prepared and allocated at a suitable price for international students in the university campus as well as the university city for Egyptian students. The International Students' Administration works to overcome the obstacles in obtaining residence and in this concern, the President of Mansoura University agreed not to link the extraction of residence to pay the tuition fees and allocated officials from the International Students' to regulate the procedures within the immigration office.
The University is also concerned with national, cultural, social and scientific events for international students studying at the university.
The university has set up a nursery for the children of international students that is called (child corner) in Olympic Village entrance (7) to overcome the difficulties in front of parents and mothers of students from international students and was equipped with high level so that students can devote themselves to their studies without worrying about their children.
In this interest of the University of Mansoura to find the research of international students to apply on the real life , the President of Mansoura University supported the first scientific conference of international students in Egyptian universities under the title "Research of international students between theory and practice" in order to raise the scientific value of what the international students are doing concerning with a serious scientific research.

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